Assignment 1 Essay

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Communications in Business

Letter to Executive of Local Network

I.X. Elle
Semester Two 2010
Bentley Campus
Tutor: Novita Ikasari

Ms I.X.Elle
Director of Corporate Communications
Bayer Western Australia
GPO Box 6789
Perth WA 6001
October 2, 2010 Same mistakes

Ms Novita Ikasari
Executive of the Australasian Local Network
PO Box 123
Bentley WA 6004
Dear Ms Ikasari, executive of local network
Submitsion to the Local Network of …..
This letter contains our recommendations to the Local Network to encourage compliance with Global Compact p(P)rinciple o(O)ne, which states “Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human
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b. Workers face fewer occupational hazards.
c. The concerns of communities and special interest groups are reduced. Bayer has paid heed to lessons learnt in the past (see (not required) The Bhopal Medical Appeal n.d.) and voluntarily taken steps to cease production of products that require dangerous chemicals (US Chemical Safety Board 2009), thus reducing the amount stockpiled and in some cases eliminating stockpiles altogether. In doing so, the concerns of communities and special interest groups are addressed. In order for a community to benefit from the presence of a multinational organisation within its region it is crucial that any potential risk to the community and the surrounding environment is acknowledged and precautions are taken to minimise any potential threats.

Members of the Local Network can reap benefits from the labelling of products. The products will be differentiated from those of competitors who do not comply to the same human rights standards as those outlined by the Global Compact, and using labelling as a forum to outline this compliance gives the end user, the opportunity to make an ethical choice about the purchase of one product over another. In providing this information a link is established between the customer and the workers involved in the producing the product, both major stakeholders of the company. At Bayer we understand that different countries have differing

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