Assignment 1 Essay

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Bounmy Sinouanthavysouk
Course NT1330, Mr B.
01/11/13 Unit 2 Assignment.


Dear IT Admin:
I am working at a branch office and have been tasked with changing out the DHCP scope to match the overall corporate IP address scheme. The main office assigned me and IP address range of through I changed the scope on Friday afternoon and came in on Monday morning to discover that only some of the workstations had picked up the new leases from the new DHCP scope. Any ideas as to what may be happening, what I might check or adjust?

Dear Junior Admin: After reading the problem you are having, I too have run into a similar situation in the pass and from my experience this is the advice I can give
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Consider the effects of zone transfer over slower speed links, such as those that are typically used for a WAN connection. Although the DNS Server service supports incremental zone transfers and DNS clients and servers can cache recently used names, traffic considerations are sometimes still an issue, particularly when Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) leases are shortened and, as a result, dynamic updates in DNS are performed more frequently. One option for dealing with remote locations on WAN links is to set up a DNS server at these locations to provide caching-only DNS service. With most installations, you should have at least two server computers hosting each of your DNS zones, for fault tolerance. When you are making any final determinations about the number of servers to use, first assess the level of fault tolerance that is appropriate for your network. When only a single DNS server is used on a small LAN in a single-subnet environment, you can configure the single server to simulate both the primary and secondary servers for a

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