Essay on Assignment 1

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Professor Teresa Wilburn

PSY 105

November 1, 2012

Assignment 1: Preferences

` I coach track and field and until a year ago, I could not run one lap around the track. I started out slowly but I am now able to run miles without stopping and I love it! Track and Field is a competitive sport with various athletic contests that include running (road, cross-country and race walking), jumping and throwing. It is normally an individual sport with athletes competing against each other to decide a single victor. The racing events, which are categorized as sprints, middle and long distance, hurdling and relays, are won by the fastest times. The jumping (long jump, triple jump and pole vault) and throwing (shot put, javelin,
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Perception is the process through which we select, organize, and interpret input from our sensory receptors (Baron, Kalsher & Henry, 2008). Sensory receptors are cell that are located in our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and elsewhere that are responsible for converting physical energy into neural impulse. My perception of running was that it was hard work and I would feel exhausted after doing so. I gathered these feeling just by watching my athletes during practice however I found that this was partially true. Yes, it is hard work (painful) and depending on how far you run and the energy used, you could feel exhausted afterwards. Cognitively, I knew that my body would experience great pain but had to turn my attention from the body aches and focus on. Sensation is concerned with the initial contact between organisms and their physical environment and focuses on describing the relationship between various forms of sensory stimulation and how these inputs are registered by our sense organs (Baron, Kalsher & Henry, 2008). In other words, sensation has to do with how you feel. For example, after running, you may feel pain (sensation) in your feet or ankles. You can also have a mental sensation, such as fulfillment or satisfaction. Each time I ran, I

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