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BUS 520
March 4, 2014

#1 – Provide a brief one paragraph background of the CEO of, Tony Hsieh. is an online apparel store that was established in the late nineties in Las Vegas, Nevada. Specifically, they sell purses, clothes, jewelry and eyewear. The name, Zappos, comes from the word zapatos, which means shoes in Spanish. Since its inception and through its acquirement by in 2009, Zappos has become the world-leader in on-line shoe sales. (Crunchbase) The company’s Chief Executive Officer is Tony Hsieh. The son of Taiwanese immigrants, Hsieh was born in Illinois, raised in California and graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 1995. Dissatisfied working
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(businessider) #3) Examine the CEO’s personal and organizational values. Personal values are the outlooks and morals in which someone chooses to espouse. Values define how a person lives out their life. Organizational values guide a business’ philosophy and procedures. (source) Hisieh’s title of his latest book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose, typifies his value of what is most important to him and his business: customer service. It is at the core of Zappos culture. The young CEO also respects the importance of fostering his employees. It stimulates them to offer unsurpassed customer service. Hsieh and his management team constructed an inimitable business culture committed to employee enablement and the assurance of providing happiness through gratified, repeat customers and an esteemed staff. (guardian) Hisieh’s personal and organizational ideals are untraditional. For instance, at Zappos’ corporate office, there is a designated area for napping a bowling facility, and room specifically where animals are kept for petting. As outrageous as it seems, all of these fringe benefits play a role in keeping employees happy. A progressive company environment culture guarantees you ardent employees, exceptional performance and the capability to acquire preeminent talent. (guardian) There are no organizational titles at Zappos. Hsich reinforces his belief that satisfied

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