Essay on Assignment 1: Training and Development in Small Business

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Assignment 1: Training and Development in Small Business
Professor Thomas Swinney
Training and Development
November 14, 2014

Development in in Small Business

Daycare centers are used most often by working parents, single mom’s and dad’s and sometimes stay at home parents who want some time to themselves a couple days a week. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have relatives that are available to watch your children that are not old enough to go to elementary school. Daycare centers should provide the emotional and social needs for babies that are crucial during the first two years of life in developing the learning structures of the brain. They provide a loving environment that will give your child a chance to grow and learn
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They would also like the chance to have some team building events and training sessions. It seems like the motivation is on the low side so, when a new prospect is on tour they may sense this and feel like the center would not provide the learning environment they are look for if the teachers aren’t excited

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