Assignment-1 “How Personal Can Ethics Get?” Essay

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Assignment-1 “How Personal Can Ethics Get?”

Discuss how personal differences and preferences can impact organizational ethics
Each of the employee who is working in different sectors and businesses has different preferences, characters and understandings. For example, while some of the people prefers to work alone and he/she is not appropriate for the team working, some others are prone to work as a team or in a team. The management of business/company should take into consideration these choices and preferences. In my opinion, the human resource branches of the business should regard or are regarding these preferences during the recruitment process.
On the other hand, each individual who has become the employee after the recruitment
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To summarize, this is a two sided “WIN-WIN” strategy that both side benefits from the end state.
Discuss how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics
In my opinion, the worst organizational mistake is vagueness in the business environments. In this context, the organizational policies and procedures should be defined clearly, well understood and adobted by the employees. To provide this, the ethics should include good moral ethics, and be accordance with the characteristics of the employees. The business/company should have and conduct policies and procedures that the employees should ambitiously stick to.
For this reason, the very first thing is that the procedures and policies should be clear and well defined. They should clearly express; * The expectations of business/company from the employee, * The standards that each employee is to reach, * The goals of the business/company, * The expected behaviours of the individuals not only in routine daily business life but also in stressful working periods.
These items explaining the purpose of the business and expectations from the employees can be vary and they are far more than above. However, what is important here is to express clearly the procedures and policies of

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