Essay about Assignment 1 HIT 120

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Christina Askin
Health Information Technician
Professor Vanda Crossley

My chosen career path is that of a health information technician working in a hospital. There are many things about this career field that are great for someone who likes computers and wants to work in the growing heath care field, but not work directly with patients. In this paper I will go over the job descriptions and responsibilities of a health information technician, the skills and education required to enter into this field, the work settings, and the salary. Lastly, how these things fall into play with my career goals. Firstly, would be the job description and responsibilities of a
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Skills such as keyboards skills like being able to type at least 30 words per minute, ability to use bar code scanners, and printers, fax machines, scanners, as well as computer skills in general. You need to have good communication skills as you will be working with many people from different medical backgrounds as well as vendors, and insurance companies. Very importantly you need to be very detail orientated and be able to handle the stress of working in a fast paced environment. ("Health information technician," 2014) There are many work settings that a health information technician can work in, from hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, law offices, insurance companies, correctional facilities, and mental health facilities. I would like to work in the hospital setting. A hospital would be a 24 hour facility which would allow more night and weekend shifts. (Hackethal, 1999) It is still an office setting as opposed to the way we most view the hospital. Most of your time is spent on the computer and paying close attention to detail. Salary for a health information technician is around $32,350 as the annual median salary. However 80% earned between $21,240 and $53,430. (Hackethal, 1999) The employment in this field is expected to grow 21% before 2020 which is much faster than other professions. (Hackethal, 1999) I am one who enjoys working on computers and has a great attention to detail. I wanted to work

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