Assignment 1 Bus 520 Essay

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Assignment1: Finding the Leader in You: Self Assessment/Johari Window
Business 520: Leadership and Organizational

Professor: Dr. Anthony Muscia
Date: January 27, 2014

A self-assessment is one of the most difficult things for a person to complete. When doing a self-assessment one has to look at all the factors in their life which may sometimes be good and other times bad. Whether due to the difficulty of honestly analyzing ones own actions or just a reluctance to acknowledge past letdowns; self-assessments can be a very hard task. A person still can try their best to be open and honest, but all people have habits or certain things they do that they are not always aware of. Dr. Terry Armstrong states, “we
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I am very decisive and can make decisions, but my problem area is setting high performance standards and conducting self-study for improvement. I get my job done but at the same time don’t always set higher standards beyond my regular goals. I also don’t evaluate myself enough to see what I can change about myself to help me be better. As a result, other coworkers may find it difficult to fully trust my managerial style and think that I may need to take things more seriously. The “TT” Leadership Style assessment gives you two T scores that show your tendencies toward being a transformational leader and a transactional leader. My score fell as a 33 for transformational and 17 for transactional. I believe this score is an accurate depiction of my leadership style. I am the leader that wants to see my whole team succeed. I have many things in life that I want to accomplish and I also want to show others how to reach their goals as well. The Intuitive Ability assessment showed that I am flexible and natural in my decision making. I can adapt to almost any surrounding and situation and make the best out of it. My score for this was a 9 with the highest score being 12. Again, I have a very high score but there is still much room for improvement. The Conflict Management Strategy assessment scored me perfectly. It showed that I am not afraid of confrontation, which is a key

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