Assignment 1 Admn 232 Administrative Principles Essay

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Running head: ASSIGNMENT 1 ADMN 232

Assignment 1 ADMN 232 Administrative Principles
Athabasca University

As Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, the world’s largest producer of potash, Wayne Brownlee has endured more turbulent financial volatility with a calm and confident ease than many in his position would be capable of.
One of the largest challenges of his position as a top manager in the organization is making things happen. He achieves this by increasing profitability through leadership (interpersonal role, leading function) and delegation (decisional resource allocator role, organizing function) to control and utilize the strengths of his entire financial
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The employees donate to many charities like the United Way, with every dollar matched by the company’s matching gift program. The employees are hard working and care about their communities. In 2007, they achieved over 70 percent participation in the program. They also have an active social club that both management and their employees participate in together.
PotashCorp works diligently to meet and exceed their social responsibilities each year. Economically, shareholders’ equity increased from a value of $2.78 billion in 2006 to $6.02 billion in 2007. In 2007, they also achieved a total shareholder return of 202 percent, exceeding the 141 percent generated by their sector.
Mr. Brownlee takes meeting the economical responsibilities through legal and ethical means seriously. To achieve this, the company published their own Core Values and Code of Conduct that applies to all directors, officers, employees, and representatives of the company. Each year, all employees are asked to reaffirm their commitment to comply with the Code, and to provide assurance that they have complied with it over the past year. As a result, no PotashCorp employees were dismissed or disciplined for corruption in 2007.
An example of the company’s commitment to their ethical responsibilities was their decision to reduce company-wide greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of product by 10 percent by the end of 2012, compared to 2007 levels. They also have a

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