Assignment 031 Essay

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Assignment 031
Task A
Write a report that gives an overview of how the social, economic and cultural environment can impact on the outcomes and life chances of children and young people. A description of the social, economic and cultural factors .

Poor social and cognitive skills from a very young age can have a big impact on the child’s life when they get older. When the child becomes an adult there is a probability that the individual has been in trouble with the police between ages 33-42 and there health status is fair or poor. Also individuals could lead in to suffering from depression or other mental health problems, it has been said that social adjustment at the age of 11 is associated with a probability of being
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For children and young people to be able to achieve to their full potential and also the positive outcomes for them then it is essential for them to be involved and included in there care, education and learning. Child-centred approach is where a child or young person is listened to, also it is where they are also valued and their own personal individual needs are accounted for. It is vital for them to benefit fully. Engaging children and young people by supporting them to have an input with decisions will help them to make further decisions in their later life. Working around them to suit individual needs will also support confidence and self-esteem, this is all important as children and young people can grow and develop being able to survive making decisions eventually on their own and becoming independent. If we support children in this way by helping them to contribute to decisions and being involved then they will achieve this and be successful later on in life.

How to support children and young people according to their age, needs and abilities to make personal choices and experiences that have a positive impact on their lives. (Give a minimum of three examples.)

Every child has the right under The United Nations Convention on the Rights Of the child to be involved in decisions that may affect them. If a child makes their own choices it is a proven fact that they will learn, enjoy and achieve more, this is why as practitioners we plan around the

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