Assessment Task 3b : Written Reflection Essay

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Assessment Task 3B: Written Reflection
Revisiting the Situation
As part of an assessment piece, I conducted an interview with person who I did not know prior in order to simulate a scenario I may encounter with a client in the future as a health professional. In the ten minutes I was given, I directed a sustained interview supported by effective listening, questioning and responding skills to initiate an understanding of the interviewee’s profile and to establish a professional rapport with the interviewee. Prior to the interview I realised I was experiencing anxiety and apprehensive as I feared my nerves would hinder my ability to deliver a beneficial interaction with the interviewee. Although, once the interview commenced, I immediately adapted to the obstacle and my natural confidence and enthusiasm was highlighted in the conversation.
Reacting to the Interview
Overall I felt optimistic towards my interviewing approach and I felt confident that I developed a constructive relationship between the interviewee and myself. A significant aspect which had a noteworthy impact on me was my ability to regain collectedness and composure instantly after feeling uneasy before commencing the interview. My exhibition of the interview bewildered me as I was unaware I possessed the capability to administer an interview without any unpleasant periods of silence which could trigger the interviewee to feel awkward. Another meaningful element of the interview was how comfortable the…

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