Essay Assessment Strategies For Students And Their Learning

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This course addressed different assessment strategies, both formative and summative, to help me evaluate what students have learned in my classroom. The standard paper/pencil test to assess student learning is no longer the norm. There are various ways I can assess a student’s learning that will not take a lot of time or planning. Today’s advances in technology provide me with a broad range of different strategies. Proposition 1: Teachers are committed to students and their learning.
Indicator 1a: Teachers make knowledge accessible to all students. They believe all students can learn.
Indicator 1 f: Teachers model ethical behavior and civic responsibility and address a student’s character development.
The word “test” is most often associated with the paper/pencil format. I realize that not all assessments in the classroom have to be done through the use of a paper/pencil test. In the real world, many people are assessed in ways that do not require a paper and pencil. For example, I may assess a student’s learning by having a conversation with them or how evaluating how well they physically perform a skill. Last fall, I offered my students the option to either take a paper/pencil test or create a review board game to demonstrate what they had learned about ancient Egypt. The majority of the students chose the board game because it was something they had not done before. Each board game illustrated the student’s individuality and character.
I knew I was incorporating a mix of…

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