Assessment In Elementary Schools

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As Morrison describes (2012), assessment is the process of collecting information about children’s development, learning, behavior, academic progress, need for special services, and achievement in order to make decisions.
As a student, I went through lots of assessment. Being born in a French speaking country in Africa, Dakar the city I lived in Senegal, the school system is very different than the US. My elementary school was based in the French education system. From what I remember, our knowledge was measured through tests or exams. It was based mostly in memorization. I had to memorize the book, or the notes that the teacher would write on the board. Personally, tests or exams do not scare me. I enjoyed studying, better said, memorizing
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Ironically, I was the best student in Portuguese class. In the last year of middle school, we had that “big exam” that would put us through high school if we pass. I remember all the children were afraid of that exam. The exam would be based in all the classes that we had: Portuguese, French, Mathematics, Social studies, Science and Drawing. We had to check our schedule for the exam, according to our name. We should do the exam for each subject in an hour and it was only written test. The oral test would come after the results of the written were posted. The tests oral were only for the children that had an average grade. It would correspond here in the US to a C grade. I had to do an oral exam only in Mathematics that was not my strength at all. Children that do not pass the oral test would not pass the subject and the subject had to be taken another year. Through high school years, still in Cape Verde Islands, it was based through tests and exams. We had “another big exam” with the same system that we use to get through high school. This time it was to allow us to get to pre-college. At that time, students had to do it because lots of students would get scholarship to go to college overseas. Brazil, Portugal, China, US were some of the countries. …show more content…
We were being observed by Devereux. There were various observers that were supposed to come to assess the classrooms. I was starting to change a diaper when the director of the center and the lady walked in the classroom. That was the perfect moment for her to assess me in diapering procedures. The assistant director introduced her and told me that she was there to observe and assess us. I already had the area prepared with wipes, diaper, cream and I had gloves on. So, she was there writing in her papers. I knew what I was supposed to be doing. I know she would be checking for the proper disposal, if I would wash the child 's hand and my hands the right way, sanitize the diaper and the sink area. She stayed in the classroom until twelve observing my coworker and me. There were other groups observing in different classes. The next day, she came to give us the results. As for my coworker and I, we scored pretty well. She did not have any complain. She said that the diaper change procedures were perfect. We seem to know the questions asked by her. At one point, she asked me how many children we had that day, and how many were enrolled and what were the age of each of them and the number of staff present. To my coworker, she asked her about fire drills and where were the extinguishers and how often we have fire drills, and how we get out of the

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