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Name of Assessment: What’s My Jungarian 16 Type Personality?
Individual Score: ENFP
National Score: N/A
Agree or Disagree?: Agree
This assessment delves into the various personality traits that include Introverted or Extroverted (I or E), Sensing or Intuitive (S or iN), and Perceiving or Judging (P or J). These traits are the combined into a series of 4 letters that describe one’s personality. There are sixteen combinations of personality types that can be formed from this assessment. When deciding if one is Introverted or Extraverted, it is important to understand the flow of energy which essentially “defines how we receive the essential part of our stimulation.” If one receives their flow of energy from themselves, then they can be
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(BSM Consulting, 2012). All of these types resonate well with me and I sincerely believe that my personality type is spot on with my personality.
In my current role as an Employment Consultant, I am dealing with people every minute of every day. Also, I work with individuals with disabilities which requires me to be creative when marketing my clients to employers. Also, I have to be creative with a variety of interventions for individuals with disabilities depending on their abilities. Also, my personality type states that I possess a broad range of interests and abilities which I find to be one of my greatest assets. I have an ability to transfer many of my skills into most aspects of my job!

Name of Assessment: Am I a Type A?
Individual Score: 110
National Score: N/A
Agree or Disagree?: Agree Individuals that are classified as a Type A personality are very intense individuals with a completely competitive nature. Also, these individuals are very self-critical and are consntaly finding fault in their personality and work because of their competitive nature. Individuals are highly involved in their work and often take the lead. The more intense of a Type A the indivudl is the harder it is for them to assume a following position. Type A personality is a synonomous term for for a sense of urgency. It is common to see an individual with a Type A personality walking, talking, and eating fast! There seems to be a constant struggle

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