My Organizational Skills

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Assessment of My Organizational Skills Organizational Skills are an important aspect of a good working environment and success of a business or organization. Without the proper organizational skills, a work center could suffer or struggle to succeed. Organizations are a team of people that are working towards the same objective or mission (Trenholm, 2014). Organizations need accurate work-content skills, certain personal attributes that contribute to a mission or goal, and todays technological skills needed to keep current and up to date in today’s environment. My whole careers has been in the U.S. Air Force military where the communications run downward, upward, lateral, with a chain of command used at all times. I’ve had to learn good …show more content…
Air Force military are self-discipline, management, leading, public speaking, multitasking, good communication skills (written and oral), teamwork approach and various computer abilities. All these skills are required to be a productive and effective military member. In the military, my management and leadership enable me to guide and mentor the Airmen working for me in the right direction to meet each day’s goals and Air Force mission objectives. Without managing and leading, my younger Airmen would most likely not get required tasks done due to lack of experience and/or self-initiative to complete the tasks. I have learned proper leadership and management through education in the military and, practice. My public speaking and oral communication skills aid me in passing messages and objectives across to groups and teams of people in the military. Being in the military, leaders often need to sell a message and get the troops pumped up about doing the mission. I have learned from my military experience, college coursework, military courses and practice to be a good oral communicator. In addition, I have learned to multitask in the military which has been beneficial in completing various things done all at once. In the military, many things happen and go on in a single day, a lot without any notice, which military members need to have flexibility and be able to multi-task so the …show more content…
There is always new things coming out in technology and I learn these advances through taking college course, and learning it through military experience. The military does a decent job in trying to keep up with technology so expects, and teaches, technological advances that the military plans to adopt. I’ve learned how to type very proficiently when I first came in the military and have now learned how to use graphical user interfaces (GUI), various operating systems (OS) such as Windows, Macintosh OS, and also some basic programming languages. I have also learned database management, email applications, all Microsoft Word/Excel/Access/PowerPoint/etc. applications, database design, task management software, electronic training databases, video telecommunications, various military databases, the usage of the internet and social media, and how to apply virtual teamwork meetings. All these skills obtained make me of value in the Air Force in keeping up with technological times. When I first came in everything was done on a typewriter. Now I have learned numerous other skills on computers, internet and software programs. This has enabled me to stay up to current advancement and aid the Air Force in keeping up with technology by learning and applying it today. My everyday tasks involve the use of computers and the internet. If I did not have

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