Assessment Of Legislative Roles Of The United States Essay

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Assessment of Legislative Roles The role of the legislative branch is to support the nation and its citizens. This by way of creating laws that support the idea of protecting the people of this nation. As many individuals know, this notion is one that can create debate, due to the simple fact that people or citizens have the right to agree or disagree with congress, the laws they create, and their roles. One must not forget that just how citizens have the right to agree or disagree with congress, congress has the power, right, and ability to disagree with one-another. This idea by the founding father is one that was intended to make the creation of laws and policies fair for the entire nation, not just one political party. The founding fathers placed many checks and balances on the legislature that have prevented absolute power in the hands of one branch (U.S. History, 2015). This idea is one that helps to balance decisions making rights for all policies in the nation. This applies to policies regarding health care. Above all, Congress holds the ability to maintain a health care system that they believe is beneficial to the nation and their citizens. Congress receives ideas from the nation and their stakeholders, this allows Congress to build a system that helps the nation, or benefits those involved. Moving on, this project will focus on assessing the roles of the legislative branch in health care reforms and their relationship with stakeholders.
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