Essay on Assessment Of Assessment For Learning

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Assessment is vital to the education process. Assessment for Learning, also known as Formative assessment, refers to ongoing and interactive assessments of students’ progress and understanding throughout task performances. Assessment for learning allows for learning needs and teaching strategies to be identified, adjusted and diagnosed appropriately in relation to ‘next step '. It provides opportunities to optimise the student achievement levels and to attain a greater equity of student outcomes and performance. (ARG, 2002) Formative assessment seeks to promote, guide and involve students in assessing and managing their learning by addressing: Where Am I Now?, Where Am I Trying to Go? , How do I get there?, whilst teachers address their role in students learning as to: How Do I Close the Gap? (Black and Wiliam, 2009). The following discussions deliver a comprehensive understanding of Assessment for learning in terms of co-constructed goal settings, descriptive feedback, and assessment capability skills stimulated during peer and self assessment.

Effective planning and goal setting that are central to classroom practice can be understood as an integral part of pedagogical practice.(ARG, 2002) - Collaborative goal setting and transparent teaching and learning must be considered when planning, for effectiveness-. Teachers must ensure that learning goals or success criteria, as well as feedback are defined in a clear, simple and specific format that brings about…

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