Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abbas

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In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.
All praise is due to Allah. We ask for his forgiveness, we seek refuge in Allah from the evil in our soul and from our sinful deeds. I bear witness that there is no worthy of worship except Allah, the One, Having no partner. And I bear witness that Muhammad is his servant and messenger.
Abdullah Ibn Abbas
The companions of the prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) were the people of strong belief in Allah (Most High) and the Last Day. Each companion had different and unique qualities, and all of them worked together to spread Islam to Muslim and non-Muslim. One of these
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Abdullah narrated an incidence about himself when the prophet (pbuh), was going to perform wudu (ablution). He hurried to get water ready for him. The prophet (pbuh) was pleased with what Ibn abbas was doing and as he was about to begin salah, the Prophet (pbuh) suggested that Ibn abbas should stand at his side. Despite the prophet’s suggestion, Ibn abbas stood behind him. When the salah was finished, prophet turned to him and said: “what prevent you from being at my side, O Abdullah?” Abdullah replied by saying, “You are too illustrious and too great in my eyes for me to stand side by side with you.” Upon hearing this, the prophet (pbuh) raised his hand and prayed: “O Lord, grant him wisdom.” The prophet (pbuh) prayer was granted indeed as Ibn abbas prove over and over again that he possessed knowledge beyond his years. (Abdullah Ibn Abbas, encyclopedia …show more content…
Abdullah Ibn abbas was not content to accumulate knowledge. He felt that he had a duty to the ummah to educate those in search knowledge and the general masses of the Muslim community. He began teaching and his house becomes a university with specialized area of study, with the exception that there was only one teacher? Abdullah Ibn Abbas himself. (Collections of biography of the companions)
The courageous Abdullah showed that he preferred peace over war, and logic to force and violence. However, Abdullah was not only known for his courage, his perceptive through and his vast knowledge, but for his great generosity and hospitality. There were many occasion when his contemporaries commented on the vibrancy of his household. (Young Muslim, 2001, Abdullah Ibn abbas a student of the prophet)
Abdullah Ibn abbas was constant in his devotion. He fasted regularly and often stayed up at night in prayer he would weep profusely while praying and reciting verses dealing with death, resurrection and the life hereafter. He passed away at the age of seventy-one in the city o Tai’f. (Collections of biography of the

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