Assessment Of A Community Assessment Essay

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Conducting a community assessment can be beneficial to any area that is being assessed. What is a community assessment? A community assessment is a field within public health concerned with the study and improvement of the health of biological communities. (Dictionary, 2016) What are the kinds of things people would look for in a health community? People would look for a clean and safe environment with a healthy, functioning ecosystem, a large degree of the public participating in beneficial programs, and access to a variety of resources.
The area of Spring Hill, FL 34608 is located close to Florida’s center, in Hernando County in an area between Paso and Citrus County. As of 2014 there was and estimated population of 32,323 people living in the 34608 zip code. This area contains a vast number of cultures with the most predominant being Caucasian at 27,209, making 87.5%, to the least being of Native/Hawaiian decent with a number of 9, making 0.0%. The average median household income is around 39,500. (City-Data, 2016) For the population ages 25 years or older the rate that has graduated high school or higher: 87.5%, obtained a Bachelor 's degree or higher: 12.5%, a Graduate or professional degree: 4.1%, and Unemployed: 4.7%, with the Mean travel time to work (commute): 28.3 minute. (City-Data, 2016)
The five mile radius extending from 34608 offers many services to groups of all ages. For children ages 0-18, there is Veterans Memorial Park which has basketball hoops, a…

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