Assessment Is A Essential Component Of Instruction Essay

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1. Assessment is a vital component of instruction. Assessments determine whether or not academic goals have been reached and thus assessment drives instruction (Why is Assesment Important, 2008). The data is used to determine interventions and small group instruction (Burke, Musial, Nieminen, Thomas, 2009). In addition, data derived from assessments can determine placement in Special Education (Why is Assesment Important, 2008). Assessments are also used to evaluate teachers and their effectiveness in the classroom (Burke,et al, 2009). Assessments casue teachers to reflect on their practice and decide whether they taught what they thought what they were teaching or if the students learned what they were supposed to have learned (Why is Assesment Important, 2008).
2. High-stakes assessment has spurred several lawsuits. One example includes, Debra P. v. Turlington was a law suit brought on by high-stakes testing. Debra P. challenged Florida’s graduation test claiming that it was racially biased and violated due process (Burke, et al, 2009). The courts ruled tht Florida had the right to assess students however the way that they proposed and used the test violated students’ rights (Burke, et al, 2009). In addition to law suits, studies have found that high-stakes testing diminishes student movitvation (High Stakes Testing and Student Motivation, 2003). Proponents of high-stakes testing assume that “assigning rewards and consequences to rigorous tests will motivate the…

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