Assessment Feedback to Students Essay

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Assessment feedback to students
This guidance paper offers:
1. The principles of providing feedback to students
2. A listing of practical feedback methods for both coursework and exams
3. Suggestions for cutting back on marking and feedback work load
4. The main points of Bath’s Quality Assurance expectations regarding assessment feedback to students
5. References for further information
1. The principles of providing assessment feedback to students
The role of feedback in the learning process, is to inform the student of where and how their learning and performance can be improved. Feedback on learning can come from fellow students, lecturers, staff supporting the learning process such as demonstrators, or the student
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This is one of the strongest means to make a student evaluate their own progress, and allows the assessor to target a student’s concerns most precisely.
 Feedback statement banks: collate a structured listing of carefully phrased feedback remarks you most often use for a particular assessment. You can then use it alongside your marking for each piece of assessed work. When marking, simply cross reference to the relevant feedback comment, or use a fixed coding system and give the student the marked up feedback statement list along with the marked work. Ideally, your feedback statement listing also leaves space for individual feedback.
Introducing feedback statement banks are a prime opportunity to improve the quality of feedback, by commenting on how improvements can be made regarding the issue for which the student is being marked down.
 Electronic feedback can combine the benefit of speedy feedback returns, with the advantages using feedback statement banks, which list standard feedback given to common mistakes (tackling repeated feedback on, say, grammar problems or notational mistakes)
 Class marking: collate parts of actual student work, to let students themselves mark and provide feedback on an assessment they have in fact, all handed in.
Question by question, the collated work could for instance consist of an example of a great answer, and an example of

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