Assessment and Learners Essay

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4 Understand how to involve learners and others in assessment

4.1 Explain the importance of involving the learner and others in the assessment process
Assessment is all about making judgements. A major argument for involving students in self and peer-assessment is that it helps them to develop the ability to make judgements, in particular about themselves and their work. This is an important life skill as well as an academic one.
If an assessor wants to observe a specific piece of evidence but is unable to because maybe it hasn’t occurred in any methods of assessment; this is where it’s important for others to get involved for example the managers or the colleagues. The workers can motivate the learner when the assessor is not around.
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In short, as long as the assessment criteria are being assessed to the same standard, the assessment method can be flexible and should meet the needs of the learners

5 Understand how to make assessment decisions

5.1 Explain how to judge whether evidence is: sufficient, authentic and current
All assessments must be valid, reliable, practicable, and equitable and assessors must apply the standards of assessment uniformly and consistently. . Ensuring assessments are capable of generating sufficient evidence for learners’ to demonstrate that they have met the assessment criteria. Having this process gives the learners clear instructions to the assessments that will be used during the course as well as clear and precise guidelines for completion. It gives both the tutors and the learners the recommended guidelines on how work for the course should be presented and what evidence is required for verification, this in turn allows the tutor and the organisation to map the developments of the learner through the assessment criteria being met. This ensures that all courses awarded are valid and that the course has worked to the set Quality Assurance of the awarding body and organisation; thus being assessed accurately, consistently and fairly to set standards.

Sufficient evidence must cover all aspects of the assessment criteria for each unit the learner is seeking to achieve and collect enough evidence to demonstrate knowledge and

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