Assessing the Value and Impact of Cpoe Essay

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There are some assumptions made by university health care system in its implementation that the common advantages of using a computerized system would obviously work to their own advantage. Users of the system make a great impact to the existence of the same. It is imperative to consider old data that is supposed to be fed to the system in order to make it efficient while updating the rest of information. Self evaluation process is recommendable to the system by the Information Technology experts. The human interface of the system should be included by the evaluation team. This will include two psychologists. The above aspects should be considered by a team of analysts before they conclude on whether the project does or does not
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After the end of the first year, the evaluation team will now calculate as precise as possible just how much has been saved. This will be done by calculating the number of papers that would have been used to print out information, but were not used (Winter, 2011). This will be combined with the decrease in the amount used for printing ink and other printing accessories. With the implementation of this system, it is expected that the number of employees is to decrease. Though this will not be a huge number, it will be significant. As the number of employees reduces the number of the customer is set to increase (Garcia-Molina, 2000). People love new things. When it comes out that the University Health Care System has been upgraded, more people will want to be part of this change. For the full exploitation of this, it will be important to maintain cleanliness. This will be done by painting the infrastructure a fresh. However, it is expected that there will be an increase in the electricity fee.
The evaluation team must also include the human interface of the system. For this reason, it will be composed of 2 psychologists who will question the clients and clinicians on their experience. One may see it unnecessarily expensive to use psychologist to simply ask questions. This is actually relevant for a psychologist will understand the answer better. Many researchers have obtained incorrect information because people at times tend to answer questions personally;

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