Assessing The Effects Of Violence On Children Essay example

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Assessing for Violence
A mother brought her 11-year-old daughter to the emergency room. The mother was anxious. This signified that she was probably concerned about what may happen after being seen by the medical staff. The mother said that her daughter had unusual behavior after coming home from work. The daughter did not greet the mother at the door and could not look her in the face while speaking. The daughter was also holding her right arm and would not tell her mother what happened. She just denied that anything was wrong. This meant that she was probably scared, possibly ashamed, and did not want to face reality. The mother reported a history of an alcoholic husband who usually drinks himself to sleep and was asleep when she got home. She also stated that he had abused the child physically and psychologically in the past. Upon examination of the girls arm, the nurse found bruises and guarding behavior. The guarding was probably a result of not trusting the nurse. The girls blood pressure, respirations, and heart rate was slightly elevated indicating some anxiety. Due to the fear and anxiety, the girl would not give the nurse much information. According to the initial family history, physical, mental assessment, and mother’s information, it appears the father has abused his daughter.
In order to further assess the patient, it would be important to gather more subjective data from the child even though she is reluctant to speak. When a child is exposed…

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