Assessing The Costs Of Alternatives For Hac Essay

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Criteria for Alternatives Quantitatively assessing the costs of alternatives for HAC is difficult, as the cases are often not accurately reported, making it difficult to use the cost-benefits analysis. Online and physical research will provide various measures, ratings, rankings, and report cards for hospitals but these are not consistent scales and will vary in value and validity (Pronovost, 2013). Another difficulty is the accuracy of these figures is rarely reported to the public. Thus, the criteria to evaluate the following alternatives are effectiveness, political feasibility, and the costs involved. These points will assess the management of the “error chain,” care system, and complexity of the model. The term “error chain” refers to how the role of leadership and communication in the series of events leading up to a patient being harmed (Mitchell, 2008). This can be a result of breakdown of communication amongst the different providers of care or poor leadership. How readily the alternative reacts and responds to HAC instances will be the determinant in its ability to represent the criteria mentioned into a solid public policy. The criteria is appropriate for addressing the concerns of HAC because many see the challenge as “…the complexity of health care, deficiencies in the systems in which they practice, needed improvements in teamwork and communication, and impaired information flow…” impacting safe, high-quality health care. The proposed policy alternatives…

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