Assess the Impact of Key Influences on the Personal Learning Processes on Own Learning.

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There are many factors that can have an influence on my learning. One of them is my friends. My friends can influence my learning by distracting me during lessons and also by helping me to catch up on work. In some ways, friends can motivate me because they encourage me to do my work and to get my assignments done on time. They also motivate me because they assist me with my work when I need it instead of waiting to ask a tutor which cannot be done as easily; I can easily call a friend. Friends have a positive influence on me because they are aware of the things that I am doing so that they know what I should be working on, mainly because my friends are all doing the same course as me. A negative affect that they have on my learning is …show more content…
(Kim Ann Zimmermann)
I belong to many cultures such as western culture, gyaru (a type of Japanese street fashion) culture and LGBT culture. My gyaru culture focuses on looking very cute with big eyes. To get these big eyes, contact lenses are often used. I have a pair of 16mm contact lenses that dry my eyes out considerably if I am in front of a screen for a long time. This can affect my learning because I find it difficult to work on a computer nad look at a computer screen if I have my gyaru make up on due to the contact lenses and me not being able to wear my glasses with my eyelashes on as well. It causes me to not do my work on a computer if I’m at college with my gyaru makeup.
Motivation is literally the desire to do things (Psychology Today).
On some days, I don’t have the motivation to do work. These days are when I will stay in bed all day and not leave the house. These days aren’t very good because I have wasted doing nothing when I should have been doing work. This will set me back in my work because I will have to set a date aside for me to do my work. When I am motivated, I can get through 2 assignments in a day and do work that doesn’t have to be handed in for several weeks. When I am motivated, I feel like I can do anything and that I am in control of my life.
A learning style is a student’s consistent way of responding to and using stimuli in the context of

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