Assess the View That Ethnic Minority Pupil's Underachievement in Education Is the Result of Teacher Labelling and Racism

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Assess the view that ethnic minority pupil’s underachievement in education is the result of teacher labelling and racism (20 marks)
A students ethnicity can be a large influencing factor on their education, many teachers are racist, labelling students on their ‘race’ or ethnicity. A person’s race is the biological differences from person to person, for example skin colour. Whereas ethnicity entirely depends on the individual. Ethnicity is influenced by numerous factors such as ancestry, experience of racism, language, geographical location, and so on. According to the question being of an ethnic minority causes underachievement, meaning that white British students should be achieving highest in the UK. This is not the case, many ethnic
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They were anti school, but pro-education, they did not accept their negative stereotypes, and used the associated aggression to do be successful in their education. Another fact that differed them from their peers was that they did not seek the approval of their teachers, who they regarded as racist. This shows that it is possible to do well in education even though you are expected to underachieve due to labelling.
Other factors can also influence how a student achieves, such as the ethnocentric curriculum here in the UK which is an internal factor, many events in history are taught from a ‘white British’ view, with many historical events such as nursing in the Crimean war going untaught, a white nurse Florence Nightingale being seen as a saviour and so on, whereas many other black nurses did much better work, but their stories are not well known due to the colour of their skin. This may leave students feeling that education is not for them and leave then with very little enthusiasm to learn. This can result in underachievement in students of ethnic minorities.
Many schools today claim to be ‘multicultural’ but this can again really affect a pupils chances of success in education. Multiculturalism is a culture which is welcoming of, and made up of multiple cultural groups, this in itself is not problematic but racism

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