Assess The Importance Of Building Positive Relationships For Offenders P5 P6 M2 D2

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Assess the importance of building positive relationships for offenders

It is important to build a positive relationship between prisoners and those who they come in contact with both while in custody and on release. For example is a prisoner does not have positive support or role models in the community they come from it can means that when they return to that environment they will more likely reoffend again but if the prisoner can build a positive relationships this will lead to opportunities work or constructive study and the chances of reoffending are greatly reduced.
It can be very hard for prisoner to have relationships outside the prison as they might have alienated family and friends also they might find it difficult to
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Controlling Anger and Learning to Manage It (CALM)
An emotional management programme designed for those whose offending behaviour is precipitated by intense emotions. The goals are to assist offenders understand the factors that trigger their anger and aggression and learn skills to manage their emotions. Sex
Offenders Treatment Programmes (STOP)
This program is intended for sexual offenders this specific program is designed according to the needs of the individual

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