Assess the Debates About Whether or Not Reality Television Is a Form of Tabloidization. Refer to at Least Two Academic Sources.

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This essay will assess the debate on whether or not reality television is becoming more like a form of tabloidization; whether, reality TV has shifted from to entertaining the audience rather than educating the audience. John Corner believes that television has greatly expanded its range of images, depicting more of the ‘real’. He added that the shift in reality TV has employed factual programming, such as an increase in documentaries. On the other hand, Richard Kilborn believes that reality TV is a simulation of real life events through various forms of dramatic reconstruction… ’Documentaries can never be any more than a representation or an interpretation of events and issues in the real world’ (Kilborn, 5). Therefore, programs can be …show more content…
Moreover its’ source are from low creditability that tend to be unworthy. Characteristics of tabloidization often incorporate flashy graphic and touches on sensationalised issues. There is a heavy influence on crime stories and celebrity news. In terms of the preferred outcome of reality TV… ‘Tabloid style of programming is strong on human interest but short on socio-political analysis’ (Kilborn, 86). Like tabloid press, TV programs also has significant ethical problems as Kilborn states, in relation to intruding private lives when gathering information, secondly there can often be a distortion on the information in order in fit in with the theme of the program or to increase entertainment of the situation (Kilborn, 86). Additionally, tabloids often invade the world of the person contaminating it or even exaggerating the matter or factual true in order in enhance entertainment for the audience, to make the viewer come back each series. The text is often highly constructed as parts are edited and only focuses on what will generate target revenue. Like Crime Watch… ‘It is the various mixing components which has proved to be such a winning formula in terms of audience ratings’ (Kilborn, 157). Crime Watch uses programming format of documentary and dramatic elements that is extremely popular in reality TV for instance in Big Brother, 2007, they focused extremely on the series of events of perceived racism from

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