Assess Sociological Explanations of Suicide Essay

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Assess sociological explanations of the functions and forms of punishments of offenders.
Note- Make sure the points link to the question. Don’t just talk about theory. Write about what it tells you about the forms and purposes of punishment. 1- Define punishment. There are many different forms such as…. There are also many different aims such as….
Punishment is the process that enforces a sentence/ penalty for a crime committed. It is one of the main ways sociologists believe we can prevent and control crime. There are many different forms of punishment such as deterrence that sanction the offender to prevent them to commit crimes. There are also many different aims of punishment such as protecting the interests of the ruling class
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However, the idea of rehabilitation does not always result in the offenders not offending again. There are still two thirds of offenders that re-offend after rehabilitation. This tells us that…..
Incapacitation. This is the use of punishment to remove the offender’s capacity to offend again. A modern day example of this is the cutting off hands in countries like Saudi Arabia. This can help prevent the offender and potential future offenders from committing crimes because…… 3- Retribution. What is it and give some examples. If you give prisons as an example, say how there may be other features and some criticism of it
Retribution is another form of punishment that circles around the idea of “paying back” for the crime committed. It’s a justification for punishing crimes that have already been committed, rather than preventing future crimes. It’s based on the idea that offenders deserved to get punished and society should takes its revenge for breaching its moral codes. An example of this punishment can be prisons which are a form of punishment that hold a number of criminals in a building and serve their sentence time.
However, a criticism of retribution is that there are still a high amount of offenders that re-offend even though they have been through prison and re-evaluated their crimes. 4- Another function. Functionalist perspective. What they believe the functions are, Durkheim’s ideas

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