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1.1 Compare and contrast the range and purpose of different forms of assessment.
Prior to moving into an organisation all individuals are assessed as are the care providers to ensure that placements can meet and preferences of the individuals. The organisation conducts independent assessments by a qualified key member of the team to assess the needs and preferences of the individual to ensure that the organisation have the facilities and resources to cater for them. The key areas for assessments for needs and preferences would be:
Key professionals then hold a Care Planning Assessment (CPA) meeting along the individual to discuss the outcomes of assessments. Active support is
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It is essential that the organization work in partnership with all of the people surrounding the individuals in order to ensure the best possible support and care is provided. This will include carers, families, advocates and other people. In order to work well in partnership, there has to be good communication and the organization will need to have good communication skills. Learning from others and working in partnership is important. It will help to understand the aims and objectives of different people and partner organization as they may have different views, attitudes and approaches. The organization will work together sharing relevant information with each other to ensure the individual receives the best support and care possible. These include:
Other health professionals
Social workers
Occupational therapists
Welfare benefit advisors
Personal financial advisors
It is essential that everyone’s focus is on providing the best care and support to individuals for example:-
Supporting the individual to achieve their goals and be as independent as possible.
Respecting and maintaining the dignity and privacy of individuals
Promoting equal opportunities and respecting diversity and different cultures and values
Reporting dangerous abusive, discriminatory or exploitative behaviour or

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