Controversial Issues In Recovery Model

Current controversial issues in relation to treatment
During treatment of schizophrenia,” the key to improvement is an effective treatment, and the key to correct treatment is an accurate diagnosis” ” (Lake, 2012, p. 12). In the past, the consequences of misdiagnosing have an impact on “patients, their families, and their caretakers to suffer” (Lake, 2012, p. 12). There are many possible treatments that can be subscribed to treat symptoms schizophrenia and there are several therapy and support services available to help individuals who suffer from schizophrenia. Therefore, I will discuss the three evidence-based interventions commonly used by a social worker in recovery model; such as assertive community treatment (ACT), psychoeducational
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In any case, they are likewise seen as a basically punitive intervention and an infringement of an individual 's fundamental human rights. The demonstration of placing “restraints” on individuals might be emotional, joined by negative feelings, physical resistance and even spitting or biting. In addition, Informing the family about the utilization of “restraints” might be useful in securing a patient against unjustified utilize, this is also a controversial issue. According to the law, families should be informed including those families of those patients who are against such practice. Therefore, the “basic question whether the strict use of regulations could jeopardize the therapeutic process remains unanswered”. Margetić, et al., said that “according to the legislation, restraining must not be a type of punishment” (Margetic, et al., 2014). However, sometimes perceived as such by patients, for example, “a paranoid patient who attacked another patient because he/she felt threatened by that patient would perceive the use of restraints as punishment” (Margetic, et al.,

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