Assertive Community Treatment Essay

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Current controversial issues in relation to treatment
During treatment of schizophrenia,” the key to improvement is an effective treatment, and the key to correct treatment is an accurate diagnosis” ” (Lake, 2012, p. 12). In the past, the consequences of misdiagnosing have an impact on “patients, their families, and their caretakers to suffer” (Lake, 2012, p. 12). There are many possible treatments that can be subscribed to treat symptoms schizophrenia and there are several therapy and support services available to help individuals who suffer from schizophrenia. Therefore, I will discuss the three evidence-based interventions commonly used by a social worker in recovery model; such as assertive community treatment (ACT), psychoeducational
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163). Granholm et al also described that “ACT is a team treatment approach with shared, low caseloads, community-based service delivery, and a focus on reducing hospitalizations, maintaining housing, and improving daily living skills” (2015, p. 3 of 13). On the other hand, a study indicates that “assertive community treatment (ACT) has little impact on psychosocial functioning because widely utilized; however, the ACT team provides a promising platform to achieve broader implementation of recovery-oriented” to deliver better treatment (Granholm et al, 2015, p. 3 of 13). The assertive community treatment (ACT) team helps clients to get housing, financial resources, employment, health care, and dental care (Regehr & Glancy, 2014, p. 163). In addition, ACT delivers “supportive counseling, medications, treatments for substance use, education about the symptom management, crisis support, and brief hospitalization as required” (Regehr & Glancy, 2014, p. 164).Therefore, I think ACT team treatments are not only cutting the branches of the problem, however, its plays significant roles and effective treatment to empower clients to uproot their health difficulties. In addition, the study indicates that ACT “Improved psychosocial …show more content…
165). In addition, psychoeducational intervention assists the family to “overcome a challenge of stigma, decrease feeling of isolation, burden, understand and accept the disease” (Regehr & Glancy, 2014, p. 165). The study conducted by Rotondi et al to deliver effective treatment “schizophrenia online access to resources” were designed to provide key elements to the family by educating “empathic engagement of participants, education about the illness and treatments, a supportive safety net, and coping strategies” (2010). For instance, if the family fully taught to identify paranoid delusion, they will take it seriously and they will develop a safety plan for themselves (Regehr & Glancy, 2014, p. 165). The findings of online delivery of suggest that “cost-effective ways of successfully delivering evidence-based programs to the schizophrenia and considerable potential to improve consumer well-being and offers many advantages over standard clinic-based delivery models” (Rotondi et al, 2010). In addition, the “engagement in online activities” of persons with schizophrenia and “supportive” persons in their lives results knowledge about “schizophrenia improved “and able to create the support network to the clients and family (Rotondi et al, 2010). Therefore, I also agree on

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