Assault And Battery Is The Type Of Crime Essay

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In crimes against persons, typically assault or battery is the type of crime

committed. In this body of work, the comparison and contrast of assault and battery will be

explained. The determination whether or not the jurisdiction in which the crime has occurred

should be considered in the actions of the man in the scenario attack as well as if it should be

punished as battery. A description of what it would take to change this from battery and/or

assault to consensual touching. False imprisonment and if it is justifiable in this scenario to

convict the attacker in court. The differences between crimes of false imprisonment and

kidnapping and lastly, the author’s view on whether or not the victims action in the scenario

would require the attacker to defend himself.

Keywords: crime, punishment, assault, battery, attacker, victim

Compare and Contrast: Battery vs. Assault

The difference between Battery and Assault are slight but very important when it

comes to the charging and conviction of an individual. In assault, self-defense or defense is

involved in the justification of assault, whereas in battery, it also includes necessity. In assault,

threat of violence is enough to constitute assault; no physical contact is necessary whereas in

battery, physical contact is mandatory. The purpose found in assault is to threaten the person

whereas in battery, it is to cause harm. The nature of the crime in assault is not necessarily…

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