Asperger Syndrome Case Study Analysis Essay

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Asperger Syndrome Case Study Analysis
Based on the information compiled by Quinn & Malone (2011), individuals with Asperger Syndrome, Kimmy have specific characteristics: social relation challenges, auditory processing/language comprehension difficulties, social interaction difficulties, internal language representation, difficulty in sensory processing abilities, distractibility, emotional vulnerability, insistence on being the same as normal people, and difficulty in handling different perspectives. Most of these characteristics are interrelated and combined for discussion purposes that restrict failure to handle chaos, the need for directions, information, and displayed rules because of Kimmy’s difficulty in auditory processing, sensitivity to stimuli, awkward and inappropriate interaction with others, and limitation on focused interest (Gillard, 2011).
According to Sperry (2001), developmental psychopathology concepts which are involved in this case study are given attention towards a better understanding of a causal process, acknowledging developmental mechanisms, and considering normality and psychopathology continuities and discontinuities. Kimmy was initially seen before his fourteen birthday shortly after he was diagnosed and discharged from the local health center. The boy was viewed as a presentable young man with average intelligence, very articulate, and socially mature. There were concerns that Kimmy’s conflict with his mother could have begun upon returning…

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