Aspen Is A Global Supplier And Manufacturer Of Branded And Generic Pharmaceutical Products

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Aspen started more than 160 years ago and they are committed to sustaining life and promoting healthcare by providing effective and affordable medicine to their consumers.
Aspen is a global supplier and manufacturer of branded and generic pharmaceutical products as well as infant nutritionals and consumer healthcare products in selected territories.
Aspen can be found in 47 counties all around the world.
Aspen has proven themselves over the long run as they continue to better the lives of the people that use their products, which reaches more than 150 counties around the world. Aspen’s wide range of products provide treatment to a wide range of illnesses.
“To deliver value to all our stakeholders as a responsible corporate citizen that provides quality, affordable medicines and products globally”.
A directors report acts as an important communication medium between the directors and the stakeholders of the business. It is important for these stakeholders to know what is going on with the business, such as their financial position, in order to make informed decisions when casting their votes at the annual general meeting
Aspen’s sustainability objectives as stated by the directors:
Sustaining life by providing affordable medicine. Aspen is looking at minimizing product recalls and managing a more efficient pipeline from raw material to selling point and aftercares.
Creating an environment where employee can thrive by providing safe working conditions and…

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