Psychological Abnormality Model

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Psychological Abnormality Models
Teresa Allen
Western International University
Abnormal Psychology
Mollie Surgine
December 11, 2017 Psychological Abnormal Models
This paper is based on the different psychological models and, how the trends have developed over the course of time regarding therapy and treatments. Until recently clinical scientist over time, tended to agree on a single model of abnormality (Comer, 2016). In addition, today there are several models that are used to explain the treatments and therapy of abnormal functioning. The biological approach to abnormality attempts to point out problems in the human brain. Biological researchers have learned that psychological disorders can be linked to problems in the
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Current trends
Over time, new research and theorist have given rise to new developments in the trends of psychodynamic therapy. According to (Cabaniss, Cherry & Douglas 2011) it’s suggested that the trends of psychodynamic therapy has been directed towards the focus on making approaches to therapy and treatments effective in regards to affordability for both patients and clients.

Short term
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Rational Psychoanalytic Therapy
This is an approach to therapy where the therapists disclose some individual information about his or her self upon establishing a therapist client relationship on an equal basis. Over time, therapist has fostered the understanding that abnormal functioning may be based on the process as functioning normally. In many cases the patient’s behavior outside of therapy that might suggest an effect that is not directly universalized (Cabaniss, Cherry & Douglas 2011).

The history of Abnormality approach to Treatments linked to Behavior
This approach concentrates on the current behavior of individuals (Comer, 2016). Theorist believes that abnormal behavior can be learned because of the lack of skills regarding one’s environment. One of the early techniques relate to the behavior model is the technique used as “trephining” which is an ancient process which a solid instrument was used in the attempt to solve abnormalities in the brain that was said to cause psychological problems in patients. Other historian’s believed this early process was performed as a treatment for several abnormal behaviors and, hallucinations in which patients experienced hearing voices and seeing things that didn’t exist. Those who suffered extreme sadness, which now is known as depression,

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