Aspects Of Human Emotion And How It Fails Essay

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Aspects of Human Emotion and How It Fails in 1984 What makes us human? Is it they way we look or maybe the way we feel towards each other? Most people don’t notice that what makes us human is the amount sympathy and empathy we have. As well as small gestures of compassion we have toward others. But what happens when it’s all questioned and later thought to be wrong. Once it’s deemed wrong, we as human can not be human. We will soon become expected to be in a constant war, unable to our see friends, family or lover for who they are. Only see ourselves as most important and others as comrades that aren’t loveable that are easily controlled by the Party. Unfortunately, this is the normal life of people in 1984 like Winston who tried to become human again after what the party did to them; but, not to anyone’s surprise, it was his downfall when those very emotions caused him to be even more easily controlled by O’Brien in the end. Prior to Winston understanding emotions, he first had to have some reason to feel them. And what better way than someone saying, “I LOVE YOU.” (108) Since Winston was stunned from this small gesture, to us, he can tell the readers that he still has a heart and may soon start to have the emotions to become a human. As Winston with his new love he hears the sound of music. And say that, “It was as though it were a kind of liquid stuff that poured all over him and got mixed up with the sunlight that filtered through the leaves. He stopped thinking and…

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