Aspects Of Empowerment Feminist Theory

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Tim Carnevale
Feminist exercises 1-3

Exercise 1)
The first assumption of Empowerment Feminist Theory is that social and political forces shape an individual. These forces in a person’s environment help shape an individual’s values, expectations, and behaviors. For example, a business man values hard-work, time management, and assertiveness. This man is socialized into a business environment. This environment stresses that individuals be hard-working, have good time management skills, and be assertive. Because this business environment mentality, the man values these attributes personally and professionally. This is an example of how the forces in an individual’s environment shape an individual’s values. Assumption one of Empowerment
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These identities are interdependent and taken together serve to define the person. At any given time and environment, one identity may be more salient than the others. For example, an African American male has a much more prominent identity as being African while in a room full of European Americans and has a much more prominent identity as male while in a room full of women. The identities that individuals have may interact with one another and/or they may conflict with one another. For example a woman that has the identity of a mother may conflict with her identity as a business professional. Even though both identities serve to describe the woman, the identities themselves may conflict with one another. These identities that people form are also greatly influenced by power, privilege, and oppression. For example, a white upper middle class man does not support the food stamp program because he believes that people are responsible for their own circumstances and that those people should go out and earn enough money to support themselves. The man in this example has privileges in the United States Society that he may not be completely aware of. These privileges help shape his social identity as being more conservative and having the world view that people are the cause of their own circumstances. Recognition …show more content…
In particular the interpersonal relationships that people have can sometimes reflect the broader political circumstances that exist in society. For example, a woman’s personal achievement is overlooked and belittled by her husband. Often it is the case that a woman’s achievement is seen as less important than a man’s. As a society this occurs all the time in different spheres like business and education. This same dynamic occurs within the personal relationships of some women. In the example above, the woman made a personal achievement and it is belittled by her husband in the same way that the personal achievements of women are belittled within our society. Power within relationships affects how people behave and interact. Minorities and other subordinates will often have to use indirect ways to gain power in a relationship just as minorities and other subordinate groups have to use indirect ways in society to gain power. This reveals that there is a power differential within relationships and society. A goal of Empowerment Feminist Theory is the development of egalitarian relationships. Egalitarian relationships lead to healthy thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. For example, a husband and wife have an equal power differential within their relationship, which leads to

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