Emotional Intelligence Effectiveness

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To assess my emotional intelligence has proved to be a deserving achievement for me in the area of finding the emotional state of my mind and how my emotional intelligence interact with the environment around me. It has shown how actions can affect feelings, and behaviors of an individual in the society. Psychology shows the relationships individual have with emotional intelligence competencies, the interaction one have with environment and the respond to influences that affect one’s emotions From the emotional assessment I discovered that individuals who cannot or do not manage themselves well typically do not make good friends, roommates, spouses, bosses of subordinates. It is difficult to spend time with those who regularly …show more content…
One response to this will be for one to become a good communicator is to the family, friends and others. It also requires that one have to develop the skill of a good listener in order to show that one is able to understand other people’s feeling, situations and motive as well as showing it also. When one practice and empathy, it automatically shows that one cares and are connected with the people around and these can help to one improve one’s ability to recognize other people’s feelings as well as being effective in managing other people’s situations in a more effective ways that will better their relationships with others and one relationships with the co-workers, friends and home and social occasions. The emotional state should be appropriately managed round the family, friends, co-workers, and in the social occasions when one effectively adopt the use of listen attentively to others situations and feelings in any appropriate occasion, picking up subtle social cues that indicate others wants, and accurately reading others’ moods or nonverbal cues helps to show that one is engaged in the issues involving other’s concern. Having a variety of satisfying interests and maintain a balance between family, work and friend responsibilities. One finds constructive and satisfying outlet for creative expression in the interests that one undertake. …show more content…
It will also be difficult to interact with people who act on impulses to wards their situations with a little or no restrain to it . People that act on low restrain to their impulses has a low EI and will be inappropriate to socialize with these individuals be cause, the easily end up in anger management institutions or stress management classes. The assessment opens the awareness to choose the right kind of friend that has goals, ambitious individuals that have productive motives rather than lazy peoples. It shows me, that self -motivation comes from in and should be pursued as the quality that defines who I am, despite what others said about it in any giving day. The EI express that one who lacks self-motivation will never at anything. Self-motivation will lead me to the amazement of what I will accomplish. With the use of the EI, social skill comfortability, and conversing with all types of people, while demonstrating appropriate etiquette in different social settings are enhanced more in the level of cooperation among other

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