Essay Aspects Of Aging And Aging

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Aspects of Aging
If someone tells you a condition is "just old age," be cautious. –Author
Aging occurs when cells in the body undergo change. There are different theories to explain these changes. Some theories suggest a built in genetic code process linked to aging. Others claim that aging happens when damage occurs during everyday life, and the body has to struggle against earth’s gravity. Gravity has a direct impact on the spine, organs, flexibility, circulation, and other aspects of the body. It is easy to understand how both genetics and the environment can come into play on aspects of aging. NASA and the National Institute on Aging came together to support research aboard the International Space Station. This type of research may advance medical care and quality of life for all humans. To learn more visit the NASA website.
During the aging process, change occurs in the sense organs; and the rate of that change is different for each person. Taste bud numbers decrease, visual acuity lessens, skin can become less or more sensitive, hearing is not as keen, and information is not processed as rapidly in the brain. Awareness of these biological issues can lead to a better understanding of health problems and how to manage them.
Caregivers and the elderly alike need to recognize signs and symptoms of normal aging. Failure to do so can generate exaggerated fears of natural changes. Lack of knowledge can result in a missed diagnosis of a medical…

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