Asl Vs. See Research Paper

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ASL vs. SEE Research paper
In the past fifty years there has been many advances, changes and controversy over the American Deaf community’s language, American Sign Language, and the new system of visual English, Signed Exact English. American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete, distinct language with its own vocabulary and grammar that developed almost two hundred years ago. Signed Exact English (SEE) is a recently new communication system of English through a combination of ASL signs, modified ASL signs, and unique English signs. American Sign Language is a preferred system of communication over Signed Exact English because of its difference in historical background, linguistics, uses in the world, and recent technology.
The distinction in origin makes all the difference in history and to those with similar languages. In 1770, Charles-Michel de l 'Épée, otherwise known as “Father of the Deaf,” and his Deaf students created the first sign language, now known as French Sign Language (NIDCD, Fifty years later, Laurent Clerc, French Sign Language teacher, and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, American pioneer, invented American Sign Language and established the first American school for the Deaf. Since, there has been over 100 schools for the Deaf, including 3 colleges and universities for the Deaf, these schools are the majority outlet for ASL users (NAD Previous to 1970, parents of deaf children would send their children to oral schools because they believed…

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