Asian Food Is Healthy For People Essay example

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Asian Food is Healthy Imagine an American family going to for dinner at an Asian restaurant in America. They have a great time trying new and old favorite foods. They try to eat the food with chopsticks and in the end they end up eating too much at the buffet. They each grab a fortune cookie for the ride home. But when they return home one of the family members ends up getting sick from the food. Why is this something that tends to happen so often? Most Americans that have experienced this type of situation may believe that it means Asian food is not healthy for them, but this is not true. Actually Asia’s traditional food and diet are much healthier than America’s food and diet. This is because Asian restaurants, foods, kitchen supplies, and their diet are very different in Asia and it can even help with certain disease that are diet based. But how is Asian food healthy for people if they get sick from it in America? And how can we improve America by learning from Asia? With America having many races in one country, it is not surprising that it has a verity of different foods from all over the world. Most cultural groups brought their cuisine to share with America, but over time these foods have changed and adapted to the American taste, and have turned into something completely different. And this is the main reason that some Americans and even Asians and Asian Americans cannot stomach Westernized Asian food. The history of Westernized Chinese food started…

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