Asian Family And The United States Essay

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It is famous for Asian family to encourage their children to go to the United Stated to study English from early ages of their children; English ability is the necessity to survive in the competitive world. I was not involved in that fashionable wave, but the center of the reasons that I moved to the United States was also for my child, who has dual citizenship Japan and the United States, to establish his identity as a Japanese American. Of course, I couldn’t miss an opportunity to learn English in the United States, so I planned to go to school as my second purpose. Although I came to the United States as a chaperon for my child, the result that I came across a good college and considerate people in Portland stimulates my curiosity about education, I take delight in studying education at Portland community College (PCC).
The heart of my issue before I moved to the United States was where I should live. I couldn’t decide the best place to live just because of a famous city. Unlike a summer vacation, an environmental sustainability was significant for my adventure, because I would be an aged student with a negative income in the U.S. I took a piece of paper and listed up my required conditions for living: safe, clean, modern, low home price, good foods, good museums, libraries, and nice parks. I typed some key words from my list in Google search. In a moment, many websites gave an answer “Portland, Oregon” to me.
Is Oregon good for me? Oregon is familiar to my country,…

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