Asian Americans Have Received The Least Unequal Treatment By Law Enforcement

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Without a doubt I believe that Asian Americans have received the least unequal treatment by law enforcement. One reason that they have been so well received in the United States is that they have the image of being the model minority (McNamara & Burns, 2009). The have consistently been underrepresented in crime statistics and are viewed as a hard working group that fits well with the majority (McNamara & Burns, 2009). Asian Americans hold values which are in line with traditional American family values. They value family, respect, and hard work. One key element of their values that impacts dealing between Asian Americans and police in encounters is respect. Showing respect to those in the criminal justice system, whether it be a judge, prosecuting state’s attorney, or a police officer has been shown to impact decisions by those involved (McNamara & Burns). One prime example discussed by McNamara and Burns (2009) was the seeming disrespect a young man displayed to a judge in not looking the judge in the eye while the judge was speaking. Whether it was indeed a matter of respect or a lack of understanding the young man’s culture by the judge is not known. What is known is how the young man’s action was perceived by the judge. Similarly showing respect to law enforcement can influence the decisions made by a police officer in a given encounter.
Another factor that has helped Asian Americans receive equal treatment by law enforcement is the group’s belief in…

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