Essay about Asian American Representation Of Asian Americans

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Nowadays in mainstream media, there is a lack of fair Asian American representation. When Asian Americans are given roles in film and television, those roles often come with the stereotypical ideology which has been stagnant for decades. Asian American stereotypes in the media are not hard to find, and range from hard-working knowledgable men, to masters of martial arts (Bruce Lee). These stereotypes often incorrectly represent what Asian Americans are like as a group however. These stereotypical representations of Asian Americans can manifest themselves in the viewers’ minds and affect the way they see the certain minority group. These stereotypes are questioned when individual Asian Americans are successful in something other than what they are made out to be successful in. An example of this madness is Linsanity.
Linsanity was a stretch in 2012 where an unknown un-drafted Asian American basketball player named Jeremy Lin was signed to a contract on the Knicks and was finally given an opportunity to start after the players ahead of him became injured. During this stretch he averaged all-star caliber numbers with 20 points and 8 assists per game, leading his team to an unforgettable win streak and some big games. In 2012 he was the only active Asian American playing in the NBA. He showcased his incredible talent in February of 2012 by helping the New York Knicks to a seven-game winning streak. When this happened, fans and media were shocked as to how this was happening.…

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