Asian American Population Project Essay

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Asian American Population Project

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March 14, 2011
Janice Reynolds


This Asian American Population project will critically evaluate the theories, methods and research in cross-cultural awareness that relates to the Asian American Population. This Asian American Population project t will analyzed the influence of culture on attitudes, values, perceptions, human behavior and the interpersonal relations to the Asian American Population. The writer will identify potential problem that Asian Americans encounter in a pluralistic society such as the United States of America. The personal competencies will be
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The Asian American community has received a lot of scrutiny over the years; but in many ways, still remains misunderstood. The pattern of similarity, qualified strongly by difference, applies to comparisons with European and Asian ethnic groups, whose presence in the United States is rooted in immigration. Minorities, Europeans, and Asians have all faced discrimination to members of populations perceived as foreign or alien, and all have traveled the bumpy road to assimilation into the mainstream (p.27).
The differences among Europeans, Asians, and Minorities are profound. European immigrants, from northern and western Europe, stand apart in that the generations have endured less pernicious discrimination than immigrants from Third World including Asians and Mexicans. European ancestry and white skin have been big advantages in American society. Whereas skin hues, other physical and cultural features distinctly different from those of Europeans have been big disadvantages because of the existence of discrimination. Those immigrants who have entered the United States with valuable resources such as capital, a support network of affluent relatives, a high social standing, a college education, an urban background, professional job experience, and institutional savvy have had extraordinary advantages over immigrants who have originated in the bottom of the social order in their homelands and have lacked these crucial favorable

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