Asian American Culture Essay

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Asian American/Chinese Culture
Theresa Chambers
Webster University

A Chinese American is an American who is of ethnic Chinese descent. Most Chinese Americans are descended from China's majority ethnic group, the Han. The rest are usually members of one of China's 56 minorities, such as the Hui. Chinese Americans constitute one group of overseas Chinese and are also one group of Asian Americans.

Asian American/ Chinese Culture

Immigration Chinese immigration to the United States has come in several waves. Legend says that the first Chinese came to the Americas as early as 1421, the time when several Chinese generals went sailing around the world. According to the records from the United States government, the first
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In some areas, Chinese Americans maintain close relationships with other Asian groups particularly Vietnamese Americans. These relationships are helped by the fact that many of the Vietnamese Americans are ethnic overseas Chinese, although most ethnic Chinese Vietnamese Americans do not classify themselves as Chinese American. In addition to the big cities, smaller pockets of Chinese Americans are also dispersed in rural towns, often university towns, throughout the United States.
Religions and Philosophies

Philosophies have had an extreme consequential impact on the Chinese culture, and literature which stems from Confucianism, and Buddhism. China has a diverse religious tradition. Some of the religious systems associated with China include Ancestor worship, Buddhism, and Chinese Folk religion. Chinese philosophers, writers, and poets are highly respected, and play a role in preserving and promoting the culture of the empire. The Chinese culture values generosity and charity. This has been seen in many works over the centuries, but never so strikingly as during the 1987 Russian livestock shortage, during which China sent over disaster relief of about $50 million United States dollars.
Mental Health Views Physicians face many barriers in recognizing psychiatric distress in Asian Americans. The stigma of mental illness makes it difficult for patients to discuss their emotions. Many doctors find it difficult to ask about mood and feelings, out of fear that

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