Asian American Culture Of Asian Americans Essay

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For this, one must also understand where these stereotype for Asian come from and for what purpose. These stereotypes about Asian Americans come from American perceiving the popular culture of Asian. Japanese show their politeness and calmness when facing trouble and interacting with other the same way American show their politeness during certain situation. For Japanese, their vocabulary has a tone of politeness in them and the way the greet each other also seem politer than American. Although, it is only the physical actions differences in the way people pay respect to each other, there whole community got restrict to such idea is unacceptable. Furthermore, Asian also got the label of being the smart one or more likely to be successful in science related job. This ideal make many Asian American that their goals are limited comparing to other communities. It’s also the main problem many Asian American face during their school life. Their expectation is higher than other which put a lot of stress on them and could cause some mental problem. There are several case of shut in or mental disorder because of stress from schools. For the third communities group that also got many stereotypes is the Mexican groups. According to Allatson Paul, there are many negative stereotypes surround them from their lifestyle to their job. To start with, many believe that Mexican are mostly immigrant and they mostly worker or low paying jobs. Furthermore, there are people that criticize…

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