Essay about Asian American And Asian Americans

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“Asian families ' median income already has surpassed that of whites, while Asians ' median wealth soon will surpass the white median level” states by Victoria Stilwell from Bloomberg Business, the famous business and financial information company , affirming that Asian Americans are rising and extensively contribute to American society. According to the Census Bureau, Income and Poverty in the United States, Asian American had a household median income of$74,297 in 2014, which was higher than the White median household income of $60,256. Asians’ income is not only higher than white’s income, Asian’s academic achievement is also superior. According to the data from the National Center for Education Statistics, 60.8% of Asian American who are 25 and older have earned a bachelor’s or higher degree compared to 40.8% of whites who had a Bachelor’s or higher degree in 2014. These statistics and number are proved that Asian immigrants are successful in the USA. The Asian American populations are growing rapidly, and they are the most successful immigrant group out of other as the researchers from Pew research center states that “Asian-Americans are the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the United States.”, which shows that Asian American have achieved their goal in the US; they are leaving the American Dreams. There are evidences from researches show the reasons behind Asian American success in career and achieve in higher education are the…

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