Ashok Minda Case Study

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Company Profile


Ashok Minda group is an auto ancillary industry major currently in its 28 fold companies: Minda Huf Ltd, Minda Wirelinks Ltd, Minda Sai Automotive India Ltd. and Minda Instruments etc. This group is engaged in automotive locks and security systems, wiring harness and Panel instruments respectively. The group is headedby Mr.Ashok Minda and the group has achieved a turnover of over 3100 crores in year 2013-014.
Right from its establishment in the year 1958 till today, these fifty eight years have been interspersed by a number of technological innovations that have gone on to become
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The amount of raw materials and work which is in process, and the finished goods being held for sale at a given time. Engines which are owned by General Motors, and the canned and frozen foods which are in a grocery store chain's warehouse are the examples of inventory.

a. The detailed and itemized list or report,of things in one's possession, especially in a periodic survey for all goods and materials in stock.
b. The process in making such a list, report and record.
c. The items are listed in such a report or record.
d. The quantity of goods and materials in hand or in stock.
2. An evaluation or a survey is done for abilities, assets or resources.

Reasons To Hold Inventory
• Meet unexpected demand
• Smooth seasonal or cyclical demand
• Meet variations in customer demand
• Take advantage of price discounts
• Hedge against price increases
• Quantity discounts

Types of Inventory

• Raw materials
• Purchased parts and supplies
• Labor
• In-process (partially completed) products
• Component parts
• Working capital
• Tools, machinery, and equipment
• Finished

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